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 Designing components for MIM is more akin to designing for metal injection molding than to designing for other metal-forming processes. By ignoring the limitations of those traditional metal-forming technologies, the design engineer is free to re-imagine a component from a new perspective, a thought process that can consider the reduction of material content, the combining of multiple components into one, or the molding in of functional and decorative features from the start. 

Metal Injection Molding is an excellent manufacturing option for the production of customized components and parts. The benefits are numerous and vary with each project. Here are some examples of applications that are an ideal match for the unique advantages of Metal Injection Molding.

Not every metal part or metal assembly is a good candidate for Metal Injection Molding. At Smith Metal Products, we have the experience to know what works and what doesn't, so we developed a series of part criteria to help identify the best part candidates for MIM or possibly guide you to simple re-designs to make your part a fit for MIM.

These include:

  • Recognizing good candidate parts
  • Component surface finish
  • Component size range
  • Mass range

See our complete Design Guide for comprehensive MIM details.

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