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Apple Black China's Private Plots CNC Grinding Polishing Mar

Writer: admin Source: 未知 Date:2016-12-21

According to mobile phone online statistics, every time Apple launched a new color, most of the brands will copy it in different names in their own flagship model. "After all, Apple not only led the users too many aesthetic concepts, but also cultivate a large number of high-end usershabit, while high-end users in China are almost the learning objects under the spread of social success." The industry man sharply pointed out the key.

 "In most cases, Chinese mobile phone brands are difficult to escape such a situation that learning Apple is not good, but not learning Apple will die very soon. So the best-selling phones on the market, in appearance, almost copy the front of Apple's face Design. "A person engaged in the design of the mobile phone industry, said," You can also think that this is something beautiful in line with the aesthetic concept of the public users, or Apple caught the usersvisual sense. After all, Apple’s PHOTOSHOP Technology has reached the pinnacle of the degree. "He believes that regardless of VIVO or other brands, will emerge a number of" black "new color models in future.

Regardless of the metal processing industry who believe that, to learn to launch a similar metal case Apple, the cost is also difficult to drop down a short time. "In addition to color, hardness is more difficult to deal with, the grinding, polishing is also difficult." He believes that the bright black metal casing production capacity is certainly not very high, so the apple. "Apple to bright black metal case made of similar to the appearance of shiny glass, Will be the color of the delivery time postponed to November. "Its own metal color, hardness treatment is very complex, uniform surface hardness of aluminum alloy layer is certainly lower than the glass material, if not handled properly, grinding, polishing all the bad details will be amplified to show, together with the black And the subtle defects will appear very clearly.

Apple iPhone7 models in this generation with a bright black color, most likely to allow CNC processors faster grasp the new grinding, polishing technology, to the next generation of double-curved glass plus mirror stainless steel frame design model accumulation Processing experience. "Industry chain that Apple at the cost of organization in China grinding, polishing production capacity, not so quickly give up.

"Grinding, polishing technology is both a necessary process of glass processing, but also to rejuvenate the charm of metal materials, so that Apple in the future material left on the choice of enough space, which allows Apple to avoid the embarrassment of investment GT sapphire that year." CNC Industry personnel on the Apple value grinding, polishing process is very excited. "With Apple's drive, Andrews camp will certainly be actively follow up, I think the next few months, how to reasonable cost and the right schedule organization grinding, polishing production capacity, the CNC industry will be a critical period for headache . "

According to the mobile phone reported online understanding, after Apple in its notebook computer LOGO has also used a similar grinding, polishing technology, the stainless steel surface treatment into a glass mirror effect, by Amphenol and new precision two processing. Its grinding, polishing equipment in addition to imports, the Chinese part of the supply and development by the Saibei Er.

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