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We can prototype new designs at incredible speed thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our global expertise and delivering via our local teams.



    Comparison Between Wax-baxe And Plastic-base Adhesive In MIM

    First , Mixing Step Wax-based adhesive Plastic-based adhesive 1) Mixing temperatureislower than 120 ℃. Mixing time is shorter; 2) Sealed mixing.Airtight design to reduce paraffin heating loss; 3) Can be used for plastic mixing equipment

    Common MIM Materials

    Metal Injection Molding Introduction Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a forming process suitable for the production of small, three-dimensional complex shapes and products with specific performance requirements. MIM technology is the introd

    Normall MIM Production Process

    WhatisMIM? ThefullnameofMIMismetalinjectionMolding.Itisamoldingmethod,whichinjectsthemedalpowderandplasticizingmixtureofbinderintothemodel. Firstly,itmixesselectivepowderwithbinder.Then,granulatethemixtureandinjectintothemodelwhichisneeded.

    Common MIM FAQs

    Common MIM FAQs 1. MIM technology definition? MIM technology is the technology that introduceplastic injection molding technology to metal formation. It isa new customized metalprocessing technology. 2. What is the usual production process

    What's MIM and Why choose MIM?

    PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR THE Consumer Electronics MARKETPLACE, Thermal interface pads & material are used widely in aerospace, consumer electronics, and telecom equipment industries, sealing and shielding processes, and power supply unit applications.

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