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Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

Product Presentation
Material:Tungsten carbide  ,Tolerance: +-0.05mm,Hardness :50-55HRC,Suface finish: Blank,sandblast, oil immersed.

Brand name  OEM & ODM
Product type Printer head gear other MIM process products MIM spare parts manuafcturer
Product Model HBMIM-001B
Material Stainless steel 304,316L,17-4PH,Tungsten carbide
Post-Sintering Polishing,Wire-drawing,Sandblasting,Plating,Coated,etc.
Size Custom
Tolerance 10mm±(0.02-0.04)mm
Weight ≤200g
Forming Method Metal  Injection Molding
Sintering method Catalyze degrease  sintering
Sintering environment Vacuum
Mold material Steel
Application Other MIM  industry
Shape Custom
OEM Accept 
QC system 100% inspection before shipment
Payment terms  T/T at sight, Paypal, Western Union,etc.
Lead time  25-30 working days
Supply capability 500000 Piece Per Month
Packaging  PP bag / Anti-static film / anti-static plastic disc

Precision MIM parts
High purity, low inclusion MIM parts
Irregular and spherical powder shape
Low oxygen content MIM parts
The MIM process combines the design flexibility of plastic injection molding with the strength and integrity of wronght metals to offer cost effective solutions for highly complex part geometries.
The MIM process is typically explained as four unique processing
steps (compounding, molding, debinding and sintering) to produce
a final part that may or may not need final finishing operations
It is a net-shape process for the manufacturing of high volume high precision components for use in a diverse range of industries. MIM parts can now be found in all areas of life, from our cars and trucks to watches, dental braces,  door safe lock, mobile phones, IT equipment, DIY tools and much more.

Why Choose MIM?

♦ Machining free (achieve sharp angle of R ≤ 0.1mm; Depth of Parallelism ≤ 0.02; Ra ≤ 1.6μm; tolerance in ±0.025mm-±0.05mm)
♦ Excellent geometrically complexity ( achieve a hole of 0.4mm, thin wall of 1mm ) 
♦ More than 98% of material utilization rate
♦ Part-to-part uniformity 
♦ More than 95% of theoretical density, and its performance is comparable with forging parts.

There are various types of MIM raw material with it own special characteristics to choose from, it could help to meet your requirements from carbon iron to stainless steel.




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