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MIM Has Become One of The Most Important Technology Today

Writer: admin Source: 未知 Date:2017-01-25
With the terminal product generations change, the mainstream processing technologies change. According to statistics, MIM(metal injection molding) is one of the most important technologies.
MIM materials are already from the early iron, hard alloy, ceramics etc. those have less requirements on function to the nickel base superalloy, titanium and niobium. The use of the material is also carried out from the layout materials to the functional ones such as heat sink, magnetic materials and shape memory alloys. Material layout has been also from single uniform layout to the complex layout. MIM technology can be used to complete the formation of a variety of different powder components, so can get a sandwich type composite layout. For example, 316L stainless steel and 17-4PH alloy can complete a series of adjustable for mechanical functions.
An important development direction of MIM is closely related to micro system technology.
In the areas related to the micro system, such as electronic information, micro chemistry, medical devices, equipment miniaturization, the functions become more and more complex. Micro injection molding technology is the improvement of traditional MIM technology. It is developed for those parts that size is small to 1um. The basic technology is the same, but suitable for smaller particle size of powder. The micro injection molding technology has developed a micro-fluidic device which can reach appearance precision 10um layout, and size of 350um ~ 900um stainless steel parts, and get the sintering parts of different material composition, composite layout or co articulation, obtain the magnetic / nonmagnetic conductor and non conductor / micro composite parts.

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