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The Difference Between Mills and Banbury Mixes

Writer: admin Source: 未知 Date:2017-01-06
Mills and banbury mixes are important equipment for rubber, plastic industry which can also be used in metal injection molding feed mixing. They are named when the mixing chamber is closed during operation. Banbury mixes, means that the mixing chamber is in open state. Mills are opposite. But in fact, there are some other differences.

     1, Mill

       The mill is an abbreviation for the open type mixing machine. Rubber factories use it to prepare plastic compound, rubber or heat refining.
       The main working part of the mill is a two-way inward rotation hollow roller or drilling roller. the device on the operator's side known as the front roller, which can be manually or electrically operated horizontal back and forth to adjust the roller and adapt to operational requirements; The rear roller is fixed which cannot be moved back and forth. The two rollers are generally the same size but at different speeds relatively rotate. The raw rubber or rubber material, with the roller rotation, is involved in the two roller gap and strong sheared to achieve the mixing purpose. A mill is also used in plastics processing and other processes.

2. Banbury mix

       It is mainly used for rubber plastic mixing. The banbury mix is a machine equipped with a pair of specific shapes and relatively rotating rotors. At the adjustable temperature and pressure closed state, it mixes the plastic material. A banbury mix is mainly composed with the mixing chamber, rotor, rotor sealing device, feeding pressure device, unloading device, transmission and machine parts and other components.
       Banbury mixes is a high intensity intermittent mixing equipment that developed on the basis of mills. Since 1916, the real meaning of the Banbury (Banbury) type mix is first time recognized, its advantages appears in the rubber mixing process such as: mixing capacity, short time, high production efficiency; better ability to overcome dust, reducing the loss of the agent, to improve product quality and working environment, safe and convenient operation to reduce labor intensity; beneficial to the realization of mechanical and automated operation. Therefore, the emergence of the banbury mix is an important result of rubber machinery. It is still an important equipment for plastic mixing and mixing and still in constant development and improvement, like vacuum banbury mixes.

3. The difference between a mill and a banbury mix

First of all, from the structure point of view, a mill generally by two relatively running but different speed rollers to do shearing force work. The mixing room volume is small, low mixing efficiency. The banbury mix uses the internal designed paddles relative movement in the space generated when the regular contraction to shear. Without manual operation, labor-saving, the banbury mix chamber volume is bigger than the mill and with greater mixing efficiency.
Second, from the price point of view, because the structure of a mill is simple while a banbury mix is complex, the production and R & D costs are relatively expensive, from China’s 100 thousands RMB equipment to Japan and other foreign imports of more than 1million RMB.
Third, as to the labor intensity, the mill has low automation degree and need people to handle the work so the labor intensity is high. Vice versa, the banbury mix requires less labor and can be automated feeding and reclaiming.
Finally, from the perspective of environmental protection point of view, during working, the mill will make out dust, material waste and other phenomena, which will pollute the environment, endanger the health of workers. But banbury mix can avoid this problem and better for environmental protection.
In addition, compared to normal mills, banbury mixes have other advantages.
Vacuum banbury mixes are the normal banbury mixes adding with a vacuum device. They are especially made for those material mixing that at high temperatures, easily with happen chemical reaction with the air composition. They are the result of banbury mixes development.
At present, the price of the banbury mix is still relatively expensive, but we believe that with the manufacturing technology becomes more mature and people’s higher requirements on the mixing quality and efficiency, more and more people will choose banbury mixes. In future, they will gradually replace the old type mills, and become the main mixing device.

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