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Multi Component Composite Injection Moulding Technology

Writer: admin Source: 未知 Date:2017-12-07
The components made of single chemical components are hard to meet the various special requirements of modern manufacturing industry for functional integration of parts. Different parts of a part are made of different materials to meet different functional requirements, which is a trend of modern parts manufacturing.

The two color (polychromatic) injection molding technology widely used in plastics industry is introduced into the field of metal injection molding, making it possible to batch and efficiently control complex metal or ceramic composites.

The principle of compound injection molding technology is that an injection machine is equipped with two sets or multiple sets of barrel at the same time, each of the injection parts in the barrel is the same. The mold of a multi cavity mold can be rotated around the rotating shaft, and different injection materials are injected at the same time in each position. The original injecting billet remained at the top, and the mold was opened after cooling, but not immediately. After the fixed mould rotates to a certain angle, the clamping is fixed. The whole cavity expands outward relative to the first injection billet, and then second different injection moulds are formed. Each part is injected many times, and finally the die is ejecting.

Composite technology is widely applied in many fields. For example, steel cemented carbide or ceramic cutting tools, precipitation hardening stainless steel, iron and aluminum alloy nozzle, magnetic and non-magnetic electronic components have been successfully applied

The introduction of multi component composite injection molding technology can meet the requirements of single part function and performance integration and compound, and save valuable raw materials and reduce cost.

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